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晨辉        Established in July 2004, Zhejiang CHBABY Co.,Ltd. is a wholly foreign-owned enterprise that specializes in the design, production, sales and services of children's supplies. We are located in Zhejiang's Shangyu city, a place that is beautiful in scenery, convenient in transportation, and richin cultural deposits. Covering an area of 185,000 sq.m., we employ over 1,200 staff and annually produce over 8 million units (sets) of children's bicycles and related children's supplies, with the sales of over 355 million yuan in 2014.
      We emphasis on quality and reputation, and dependence on scientific and technological innovation for development are the foundation for our development. We abide by the commitment of "quality first, reputation first", and pursue the policy of "survival by quality, and development through innovation". According to the characteristics of products, we have developed the market-oriented technology strategy and established the technological development and support system that suits our own industrial characteristics. Introducing TOM and TOYO management models earlier, we have passed the certification of ISO9001:2000quality management system, the certification of ISO14001:2000 environmental management system, and 3C quality certification, and the certification of International Councilof Toy Industries (ICTI) one after another.
        We steadily improve product quality through technical transformation and strengthened investment in software and hardware for quality management, have the strict quality management system, and carry out research and development, testing and production strictly under the requirementsof China Compulsory Certification (CCC). In recent years, neither product quality incidents nor disputes or complaints from disqualification upon any inspection have arisen from our products. Instead, our products have been found qualified in the supervision and random check at the provincial level and above for years in a row.
晨辉        When making a success through quality and expanding the industrial scale, we rely on our strong R&D strength and apply the enterprise IT-based management system to achieve the differential development goal. With an investment of over 20 million yuan, our technology laboratory equipped with high and new facilities in the industry launches more than 10 series of and over 100 types of strollers and baby walkers. Our over 100 patents applied include 80 utility patents and more design patents. Our four new products are included in the provincial-level new product plan, "Chenhui•Yingbao" series of products has obtained the titles such as "National Free-inspection Product" and "Shaoxing Famous Brand". In 2015 we gained the title of China Famous Trade Mark. In addition to them, we also received many honors, including "Small and Medium-sized Scientific and Technological Enterprises in Zhejiang Province", "Patent Demonstrative Enterprise in Zhejiang Province", and "High & New Tech Enterprise in Shaoxing City".

         "Winning the public praise through customer first; reinforcing the foundation through "正"-based culture" is our corporate business idea, and "customer-centered" is the core idea for our development. In practice, we strictly execute ISO9001 quality management system and the excellent performance-based big quality idea. By virtue of advanced technologies and equipment and the work spirit of keeping improving, we make efforts to raise the maturity of enterprise management. When ensuring our products fully meet customer needs, we carefully analyze each customer satisfaction survey, make "continuous improvement", and win the praise and favor from numerous customers through fining and execution power. We implement the distinctive "正"-based corporate culture according to which the enterprise is equivalent to the earth and the society to the heaven. To run an enterprise, make sure it is "aboveboard, righteous and upright". Only when an enterprise is "upright" both internally and externally will it grow "large", have a "bright" future, and establish a longer cause.The development of the enterprise can be promoted by jointly an interaction between "internal uprightness" and "external uprightness". Thus, this enterprise can, when gaining market shares, set up a good corporate image in the industry.晨辉

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